The Adventures of Ulysses cover

The Adventures of Ulysses

Charles Lamb

1. 00 Preface
2. 01 The Cicons. The Fruit of the Lotus-tree. Polyphemus and the Cyclops. The Kingdom of the Winds, and God Aeolus’s Fatal Present. The Laestrygonian Man-eaters.
3. 02 The House of Circe. Men changed into Beasts. The Voyage to Hell. The Banquet of the Dead.
4. 03 The Song of the Sirens. Scylla and Charybdis. The Oxen of the Sun. The Judgment. The Crew Killed by Lightning.
5. 04 The Island of Calypso. Immortality Refused.
6. 05 The Tempest. The Sea-bird’s Gift. The Escape by Swimming. The Sleep in the Woods.
7. 06 The Princess Nausicaa. The Washing. The Game with the Ball. The Court of Phaeacia and King Alcinous.
8. 07 The Songs of Demodocus. The Convoy Home. The Manners. Transformed to Stone. The Young Shepherd.
9. 08 The Change from a King to a Beggar. Eumaeus and the Herdsmen. Telemachus.
10. 09 The Queen’s Suitors. The Battle of the Beggars. The Armour Taken Down. The Meeting with Penelope.
11. 10 The Madness from Above. The Bow of Ulysses. The Slaughter. The Conclusion.

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In The Adventures of Ulysses, Charles Lamb re-tells the story of Ulysses’s journey from Troy to his own kingdom of Ithaca. The book uses Homer’s The Odyssey as the basis for the story, but it isn’t a direct translation of the Greek classic. The book is considered a modern version of the epic tale when it was published in 1808. In the preface of the book, Lamb said that he made the narration of the story faster so that more readers would be attracted to it. To begin with, Homer’s Odyssey is already a classic and in re-telling this story, Charles Lamb aimed to make this epic poem more comprehensible to the average person. And he was successful in doing what he aimed for. The book became very popular not just to adults but also among children because it was well-written and can be easily understood. Lamb was really talented in bringing deep, hard to understand works of literature close to the masses. Before The Adventures of Ulysses, Lamb also wrote Tales From Shakespeare in which some of Shakespeare’s plays were retold as short stories, so like Ulysses, they can also be easily read. The Adventures of Ulysses is filled with interesting characters including sirens, giants, warriors and enchanters. Each chapter is filled with new adventures and challenges which Ulysses must face and overcome. Lamb was able to retell the story of Ulysses’s adventures in a light and entertaining way without losing any of the important details of the original story. Readers who are into Greek mythology and are also looking to read a version of Homer’s Odyssey will surely enjoy reading this book. The original version of the Odyssey may not be easy to read for everyone. If you’re looking for a book that will let you understand the story of the epic tale with great accuracy this is the book for you.