Adventures of Tommy Blake cover

Adventures of Tommy Blake

Brother Ernest Ryan (1897-1963)

1. The Flight
2. Off Again
3. Into the Unknown
4. At the Academy
5. A Crisis
6. Tommy Goes Vacationing
7. Trouble Ahead
8. Adrift
9. In a Strange Land
10. Voices in the Night
11. Counterplot
12. Tommy the Detective
13. A Great Discovery
14. The Great Adventure

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Child of an atheist father and a devoutly Catholic mother, Tommy has been from childhood the object of a battle of love. Tommy’s courage and unfailing loyalty to his Faith help him to overcome obstacles which threaten his whole future with spiritual tragedy. Brother Ernest Ryan, was a Holy Cross Brother, the founder of and a prolific author for the Dujarie Press, a Catholic publishing house of Juvenile Saint books for children in the 1950’s and 1960’s. He wrote numerous juvenile biographical saint books for children, as well as several children’s fictional titles – of which this is one.