The Adventures of Reddy Fox cover

The Adventures of Reddy Fox

Thornton W. Burgess (1874-1965)

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3. 03 – Chapters 10-13
4. 04 – Chapters 14-18
5. 05 – Chapters 19-22
6. 06 – Chapters 23-26

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These delightful stories created by the writer known famously as the Bedtime Story Man provide hours of endless enjoyment for readers both young and old. His daily newspaper column which he wrote without a break from 1912 through to 1960 featured a host of engaging characters and their lively pranks and doings. In this charmingly illustrated volume, Reddy Fox, the young hero is sent to stay with his grandma. Grandmother Fox is the “wisest, slyest and smartest fox in all the country around” and she takes it upon herself to educate Reddy in the things that every fox should know! Thus begins a battle of wits between Farmer Brown, Farmer Brown's Boy, Reddy and Grandmother Fox. Interspersed with each story are tiny nuggets of valuable lessons on life—the dangers of pride and boastfulness, the value of friendship and loyalty, the perils of disobedience, nature's laws, kindness to others even though they may be our enemies and other such wonderful bits of folksy wisdom. Born in 1874, Thornton Burgess was a passionate and keen American conservationist and naturalist who was brought up by his mother in straitened circumstances after his father's early death. The young Thornton worked at a variety of odd jobs to put himself through school and college and help his mother run the house. One of his jobs was located in a wooded area near the town and it was here that Thornton developed his passion for wildlife, nature and conservation. He began writing stories on nature while working as an editorial assistant and they were received with great acclaim and enthusiasm the world over. His works were translated into many European languages while his daily radio broadcasts became a bedtime ritual for generations of children. Television adaptations of his stories were made in many countries, while a Japanese anime used many of his characters to wonderful effect. The Adventures of Reddy Fox takes the reader into an unforgettable world set in Green Meadows and Green Forest, and the twenty-six chapters trace Reddy's development from a timid and fearful youngster into a smart and bold fellow. Reddy's personality is a wonderful blend of curiosity, childhood rebellion, street-smartness and fun. Peopled with a host of characters like Mister Buzzard, Peter Rabbit (based on Beatrix Potter's immortal creation) Unc Billy Possum, Jimmy Skunk and many more, this volume is sure to delight readers of all ages.



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So much good story I like this story

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pardon me, that book was great!

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- The Adventures of Reddy Fox

Very good book.

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I read it and listen to it. I love the book


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Wonderful reading of a favourite story. My children listened to this over and over.


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This book is so interesting and the reader's voice is very good too. Thanks. l listen to this everyday.

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John is awesome! He is such an amazing reader. I wish he would read more titles.