Tarzan of the Apes cover

Tarzan of the Apes

Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950)

1. Ch 01: Out of the Sea
2. Ch 02: The Savage Home
3. Ch 03: Life and Death
4. Ch 04: The Apes
5. Ch 05: The White Ape
6. Ch 06: Jungle Battles
7. Ch 07: The Light of Knowledge
8. Ch 08: The Tree-Top Hunter
9. Ch 09: Man and Man
10. Ch 10: The Fear-Phantom
11. Ch 11: King of the Apes
12. Ch 12: Man’s Reason
13. Ch 13: His Own Kind
14. Ch 14: At the Mercy of the Jungle
15. Ch 15: The Forest God
16. Ch 16: Most Remarkable
17. Ch 17: Burials
18. Ch 18: The Jungle Toll
19. Ch 19: Call of the Primitive
20. Ch 20: Heredity
21. Ch 21: The Village of Torture
22. Ch 22: The Search Party
23. Ch 23: Brother Men
24. Ch 24: Lost Treasure
25. Ch 25: The Outpost of the World
26. Ch 26: The Height of Civilization
27. Ch 27: The Giant Again
28. Ch 28: Conclusion

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An aristocratic English family is marooned off the coast of West Africa. They find their way into the interior of the dense jungle that lines the coast and here, Lord Greystoke is killed by a predatory ape. Lady Greystoke survives with her infant boy, but in a few months, she too succumbs to the perils of jungle life. The baby is adopted by a maternal she-ape who nurses him along with her own child. This marks the dawn of a legend – Tarzan of the Apes. Edgar Rice Burroughs was an American novelist who turned to fiction writing after an unsuccessful stint as a pencil sharpener salesman. His shrewd business acumen and marketing blitzkrieg ensured that Tarzan burst upon the world in the form of novels, comic-strips, films and merchandise. The legend of Tarzan took on the proportions of an icon that has endured ever since it first appeared in 1912. Since then, nearly 26 books and short stories featuring the Lord of the Jungle appeared in various magazines and in serial form. It seemed as if the world could not get enough of this rough hewn nobleman, clad in leopard skin and leaping through the magnificent forests of darkest Africa. Tarzan of the Apes is the very first book in the series. The plot is fast paced and the style captures the reader's interest till the very last chapter. The young orphan grows up with a tribe of apes, but all the while knowing that he is different from them. He chances upon a small metal box which contains his father's diary, faded photographs and artifacts that once belonged to his dead parents and finally begins to understand his true heritage. His growth into manhood and his journey to England to trace his lost inheritance form the rest of this compelling story. Generations of readers have enjoyed and loved memorable characters in the book like the maternal she-ape, Kala, the villainous males Kerchak and Tublat and of course, the gorgeous Jane who captures the jungle hero's heart. Tarzan is portrayed as the symbol of pure and untainted manhood, perfect both physically and mentally and this is probably the secret of his enduring appeal over so many decades. Though modern-day readers may find parts of the novel dated and not politically correct, it remains a classical coming of age story that appeals to young and old alike. Adventure, thrills and romance interspersed with exciting episodes of combat and villainy make it an exciting read.


great book


- Epic book

I love this book so much it's really good!


- The Best

Thanks! Excellent reading!

The BoyZ

- Loved it

The whole family loved this book. The BoyZ aged 8 & 11 were riveted to it and can't wait to start the sequel.


Excellent book and excellently read as well. Looking for the next book in the series now.


- Wonderful reading

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Mark Smith really brought it to life. I hope I find more books read by Mark Smith. Great job.


Very good book, so good had to find follow up on story, well read too.


The book is very interesting. I was surprised by the ending but I wasn't disappointed by it. Listening to this book was very enjoyable.

Igor Marinovsky

- Good audiobook...

Excellent Reading!


- Wow - This was great!

I grew up watching Johnny Weissmuller as Tarzan. Though obviously different than the TV show, this book is awesome, and awesomely read by Mark Smith. I loved every minute of it - thanks Mark for the great read!!