Sylvie and Bruno Concluded cover

Sylvie and Bruno Concluded

Lewis Carroll (1832-1898)

1. Preface
2. Bruno's Lessons
3. Love's Curfew
4. Streaks of Dawn
5. The Dog-King
6. Matilda Jane
7. Willie's Wife
8. Fortunatus' Purse
9. In a Shady Place
10. The Farewell-Party
11. Jabbering and Jam
12. The Man in the Moon
13. Fairy-Music
14. What Tottles Meant
15. Bruno's Picnic
16. The Little Foxes
17. Beyond These Voices
18. To The Rescue!
19. A Newspaper-Cutting
20. A Fairy-Duet
21. Gammon and Spinach
22. The Professor's Lecture
23. The Banquet
24. The Pig-Tale
25. The Beggar's Return
26. Life Out of Death

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Sylvie and Bruno Concluded continues the adventures of the many characters in the previous volume Sylvie and Bruno. The fairy-children Sylvie and Bruno are charming whenever they appear, their fairy companions such as the Professor delight in taking ideas to their logical (and humorous) conclusions, and many nonsense songs are sung. Meanwhile, the mortals (comprised of the unnamed narrator, the gracious Lady Muriel and the sententious Arthur) tend to become the vehicles for Carroll's regular sermons on morality and proper Christian values.