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Sylvie and Bruno

Download 01 - Less Bread! More Taxes! audio
Download 03 - Birthday-Presents audio
Download 04 - A Cunning Conspiracy audio
Download 05 - A Beggar's Palace audio
Download 06 - The Magic Locket audio
Download 07 - The Baron's Embassy audio
Download 08 - A Ride on a Lion audio
Download 09 - A Jester and a Bear audio
Download 10 - The Other Professor audio
Download 11 - Peter and Paul audio
Download 12 - A Musical Gardener audio
Download 13 - A Visit to Dogland audio
Download 15 - Bruno's Revenge audio
Download 16 - A Changed Crocodile audio
Download 17 - The Three Badgers audio
Download 18 - Queer Street, Number Forty audio
Download 19 - How to Make a Phlizz audio
Download 20 - Light Come, Light Go audio
Download 21 - Through the Ivory Door audio
Download 22 - Crossing the Line audio
Download 23 - An Outlandish Watch audio
Download 24 - The Frogs' Birthday-Treat audio
Download 25 - Looking Eastward audio
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The novel has two main plots; one set in the real world at the time the book was published (the Victorian era), the other in the fictional world of Fairyland. While the latter plot is a fairy tale with many nonsense elements and poems, similar to Carroll's most famous children's book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, the story set in Victorian Britain is a social novel, with its characters discussing various concepts and aspects of religion, society, philosophy and morality. (Summary from Wikipedia)

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