Audiobook: Summer Boarders; or The Great Jewel Mystery

Summer Boarders; or The Great Jewel Mystery cover

Summer Boarders; or The Great Jewel Mystery

1 - Act 1 - Dinner Out of Doors


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A rich widow or two. An owner of 1000 acres of fine land. An heiress to the 1000 acres. Nefarious visitors of various sorts after the land, jewels, or whatever else they can get. Meddlers and neighbors. Faithful retainers and stalwart protectors. Comedy abounds. - Summary by ToddHW

Cast list:
Joshua Wicks, owner of "close onto 1,000 acres": Wayne Cooke
Mr. Peter Schultz, sometimes vendor of sausages: Greg Giordano
Mr. Barry Bland, an Englishman possessed of a shady reputation and a talkative daughter: Andrew James
Count de Musset, after the 1,000 acres and Arvilla Wicks: Rémi
Archie Barton, a young lawyer, after the widow: Jake Malizia
George Mangan, with an admiration for wealth: Andrew Kennedy
Tom Sharpe, a retired detective, faithful to Karrenhappuch Wicks: ToddHW
Adoniram Smith, the hired man, with a fickle heart: Alan Mapstone
Arvilla Wicks, heiress of the 1,000 acres: Jenn Broda
Mrs. Peter Schultz, owner of many jewels: WhiskeySong
Mrs. Barry Bland, owner of a husband and a daughter: TJ Burns
Barretta Bland, ten and talkative: Jasmin Salma
Miss Karrenhappuch Wicks, sister to Joshua: Sonia
Widow Wilkins, after a rich husband: Devorah Allen
Pansy Pratt, who worships Adoniram: Eatslugss
Stage Directions: Michele Eaton
Editing: ToddHW

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