Stories from The Detective's Album cover

Stories from The Detective's Album

Mary Fortune (1833-1910)

1. 01 - The Window Among the Willows
2. 02 - The Murder at the Creek
3. 03 - Checkmate and Revenge
4. 04 - Tom Doyle's Dream
5. 05 - "I'll be hung for you yet."
6. 06 - The Fatal Cliff
7. 07 - The Bell of Mount Battery
8. 08 - The Blood of the Grape
9. 09 - The Gutter Flag
10. 10 - The Rosary of the Dead

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Mary Fortune is best known for The Detective's Album, the longest-running early detective serial anywhere in the world. Written under the name Waif Wander and narrated by detective Mark Sinclair, The Detective's Album was serialized for forty years in the Australian Journal from 1868 to 1908. (Wikipedia) These stories were read from scans from the University of Queensland library - there is no online Etext