Stolen Idols cover

Stolen Idols

Edward Phillips Oppenheim (1866-1946)

1. Book One - Chapter I
2. Book One - Chapter II
3. Book One - Chapter III
4. Book One - Chapter IV
5. Book One - Chapter V
6. Book One - Chapter VI
7. Book One - Chapter VII
8. Book One - Chapter VIII
9. Book Two - Chapter I
10. Book Two - Chapter II
11. Book Two - Chapter III
12. Book Two - Chapter IV
13. Book Two - Chapter V
14. Book Two - Chapter VI
15. Book Two - Chapters VII, VIII
16. Book Two - Chapter IX
17. Book Three - Chapter I
18. Book Three - Chapter II
19. Book Three - Chapter III
20. Book Three - Chapter IV
21. Book Three - Chapter V
22. Book Three - Chapter VI
23. Book Three - Chapter VII
24. Book Three - Chapter VIII
25. Book Three - Chapters IX, X
26. Book Three - Chapter XI
27. Book Three - Chapter XII
28. Book Three - Chapter XIII
29. Book Three - Chapters XIV, XV

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Two temple statues, one with the most beautiful of features, the other a hideous sight, are at the core of this tale of adventure and the supernatural. Carved by Chinese craftsmen, they have stood to either side of the great Buddha for hundreds of years, worshipped and protected by generations of priests.Taken together, they represent human nature in balance, the spiritual with the bestial, the Soul with the Body. But what if they are separated? Ancient legend warns of disaster to anyone who disturbs that balance. Young Gregory Ballaston of England, however, gives no credence to such dire threats when he and a friend set out to steal the idols, which are rumored to conceal a treasure in jewels. His friend dies in the attempt and one of the idols is presumably stolen by his murderers. Gregory nearly loses his own life in the effort but manages to get away with the other idol – the bestial Body. What will be the outcome for Gregory, or the beautiful young woman he meets in China and courts on the journey home with his prize? Even before he sets sail for home, the idol begins to prey on Gregory Ballaston. Warning: Set in the 19th century, this book contains references to Jews and Asians that are offensive to the modern ear.(Jacquerie)



- stolen idols

A little slow in the middle.....but keep on listening