Stepping Heavenward cover

Stepping Heavenward

Elizabeth Prentiss (1818-1878)

1. 01 - Chapter 1
2. 02 - Chapter 2
3. 03 - Chapter 3
4. 04 - Chapter 4
5. 05 - Chapter 5
6. 06 - Chapter 6
7. 07 - Chapter 7
8. 08 - Chapter 8
9. 09 - Chapter 9
10. 10 - Chapter 10
11. 11 - Chapter 11
12. 12 - Chapter 12
13. 13 - Chapter 13
14. 14 - Chapter 14
15. 15 - Chapter 15
16. 16 - Chapter 16
17. 17 - Chapter 17
18. 18 - Chapter 18
19. 19 - Chapter 19
20. 20 - Chapter 20
21. 21 - Chapter 21
22. 22 - Chapter 22
23. 23 - Chapter 23
24. 24 - Chapter 24
25. 25 - Chapter 25
26. 26 - Chapter 26
27. 27 - Chapter 27

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"How dreadfully old I am getting! Sixteen!" Thus begins the lifelong diary of young Katherine as she pours out her hopes, dreams, and spiritual journey on the pages of her dear, old journal. Whimsical and charming Katherine is engagingly candid about her character flaws and her desire to know God. As you listen to her share her heart through these journal entries, you will be amazed and delighted by the depth of her character and the womanly wisdom and godliness she develops over the years. From the agonies of being a teenager to the delicate balancing act between being a wife/mother/daughter/neighbor, it is easy to relate to Katherine's triumphs and trials whether you are 16 or 60. Listen to her unforgettable story set in the early 1800's as you are encouraged to "step heavenward," and don't be surprised if you find yourself recommending it to all of your friends and family!(Introduction by Theresa Downey) "In honor of Tammi Martin"



- Wonderful and uplifting

Loved this book and the reader does a wonderful job of bringing Katherine to life, from egoistic teenager through to a wife and mother, friend and believer who is humbled by the trials of this life but uplifted by her developing faith. I have listened to it 5 or 6 times I love it that much!


- 5 stars

Loved the book and the reader


- K

I am on the second listen of this wonderful book. The narration is absolutely perfect and really brings the story to life. Highly recommend.

Donna Keevers Driver

- Humbled Reader

I am in awe of the faith that comes through this novel - which worked to strengthen mine. I highly recommend this book. Wonderful reading by Theresa Downey, also.

Theresa Downing is the perfect voice for Katherine! This is an amazing book, and her lovely reading just adds even more to it!

Grateful reader

- Stepping Heavenward

Excellent book and an excellent reader. I was deeply enriched by this story.


- Stepping Heavenward

This is an excellent book but be prepared to cry.It has an excellent message and the reader was well suited for it.

Lindy Greaves

- Stepping Heavenward

Excellent, thank you for this audio book. The reader, Theresa Downing has gentle, respectful tone and did justice to the book. Her reading did not distract from the content of the book, in fact it added to it. I initially had feared a reader would detract from the richness of the written words but this is very good and so well worth listening to.

Jane Av

The reader has a pleasant soft voice which was well suited for the heroine of this story.

Debbie M

- Stepping Heavenward

This is a slow-paced, well written story that is full of interesting dialogue, which gave me a sense of the ideology of someone in a different era. The story kept my attention very nicely, and I enjoyed the richness of the language. It is definitely written with more formal terms than is commonly used in current day writings. As a result, I found it a refreshing read.