Stephen: A Soldier of the Cross cover

Stephen: A Soldier of the Cross

Florence Morse Kingsley (1859-1937)

1. Preface
2. The Blind Singer
3. Good Tidings Out of the Desert
4. At the Palace of the High Priest
5. In Place of Judas
6. In the Abode of Kings
7. The Lord of the South-Land
8. The Pharisee from Tarsus
9. A Believer in the Nazarene
10. In the Desert Encampment
11. The White Dromedary
12. At the Gate Beautiful
13. In the Council Chamber
14. At the Feet of the Apostles
15. A Cup of Cold Water
16. In Pursuit of the Fugitives
17. A Roll of Parchment
18. In the Prison House
19. 'Whose we Are and Whom we Serve'
20. In the Shadow of the Wall
21. Without the Jaffa Gate
22. Not a Sparrow Falleth
23. By the Thorny Ways of His Sin
24. In the Synagogue of the Nazarenes
25. The Warning
26. The Wrath of Man
27. Until the Day Break
28. In the Valley of the Shadow
29. The Lifted Veil
30. The Watchful Love
31. A Flask of Crystal
32. A Scarlet Thread
33. Ben Hesed in Jerusalem
34. The Mercy of Israel
35. At the Third Hour
36. On the Road to Damascus
37. The Amulet

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This is a unique sequel to the book Titus: A Comrade of the Cross written in a very different style, though none the less memorable, full of excitement and suspense! The author combines several stories together with great skill and ease, creating tension, making you wonder how things can play out until the very climax is reached. A blind girl and her brother just barely surviving in Egypt, threatened by the slave trade, almost without hope, one day hear about miracles happening in Jerusalem. They fly for their lives, hoping against hope and when they finally get there they find themselves at the foot of the cross. Is it too late? Was all their suffering for nothing?