Some Answered Questions cover

Some Answered Questions

Abdu’l-Bahá ‘Abbás (1844-1921)

1. Introduction
2. [Part 1: On the Influence of the Prophets in the Evolution of Humanity] 1. Nature is Governed by One Universal Law, 2. Proofs and Evidences of the Existence of God, 3. The Need of an Educator
3. 4. Abraham, 5. Moses, 6. Christ
4. 7. Muhammad, 8. The Bab, 9. Baha'u'llah
5. 10. Traditional Proofs Exemplified from the Book of Daniel
6. 11. Commentary on the Eleventh Chapter of the Revelation of St. John
7. 12. Commentary on the Eleventh Chapter of the Book of Isaiah
8. 13. Commentary on the Twelfth Chapter of the Revelation of St. John
9. 14. Spiritual Proofs, 15. True Wealth
10. [Part 2: Some Christian Subjects] 16. Outward Forms and Symbols Must be Used to Convey Intellectual Conceptions, 17. The Birth of Christ, 18. The Greatness of Christ is Due to His Perfections
11. 19. The Baptism of Christ, 20. The Necessity of Baptism, 21. The Symbolism of the Bread and Wine
12. 22. Miracles, 23. The Resurrection of Christ, 24. The Descent of the Holy Spirit Upon the Apostles
13. 25. The Holy Spirit, 26. The Second Coming of Christ, and the Day of Judgment, 27. The Trinity
14. 28. Explanation of the Verse: 'O Father, Glorify Thou Me With the Glory Which I Had With Thee Before the World Was.', 29. Explanation of the Verse: 'As in Adam All Die, Even So in Christ Shall All Be Made Alive.', 30. Adam and Eve
15. 31. Explanation of the Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit, 32. Explanation of the Verse: 'For Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen.', 33. The 'Return' Spoken of by the Prophets
16. 34. Peter's Confession of Faith, 35. Predestination
17. [Part 3: On the Powers and Conditions of the Manifestations of God] 36. The Five Aspects of Spirit, 37. The Divinity Can Only Be Comprehended Through the Divine Manifestations
18. 38. The Three Stations of the Divine Manifestations, 39. The Human Condition and the Spiritual Condition of the Divine Manifestations
19. 40. The Knowledge of the Divine Manifestations, 41. The Universal Cycles, 42. The Power and Influence of the Divine Manifestations
20. 43. The Two Classes of Prophets, 44. Explanation of the Rebukes Addressed by God to the Prophets, 45. Explanation of the Verse of the Kitabu'l-Aqdas: 'There is no Associate for the Dawning-Place of Command in the Supreme Sinlessness,'
21. [Part 4: On the Origins, Powers, and Conditions of Man] 46. Modification of Species, 47. The Universe is Without Beginning—The Origin of Man, 48. The Difference Which Exists Between Man and the Animal
22. 49. The Growth and Development of the Human Race, 50. Spiritual Proofs of the Origin of Man, 51. The Spirit and Mind of Man Have Existed From the Beginning
23. 52. The Appearing of the Spirit in the Body, 53. The Relation Between God and the Creature, 54. The Proceeding of the Human Spirit from God
24. 55. Soul, Spirit, and Mind, 56. The Physical Powers and the Intellectual Powers, 57. The Causes of the Differences in the Characteristics of Men
25. 58. The Degree of Knowledge Possessed by Man, and the Divine Manifestations, 59. Man's Knowledge of God, 60. The Immortality of the Spirit—(I.)
26. 61. The Immortality of the Spirit—(II.), 62. Perfections Are Without Limit, 63. The Evolution of Man in the Other World
27. 64. The State of Man and His Progress After Death, 65. Explanation of a Verse in the Kitabu'l-Aqdas, 66. The Existence of the Rational Soul After the Death of the Body—(I.), the Immortality of Children—(II.)
28. 67. Eternal Life and Entrance Into the Kingdom of God, 68. Fate, 69. The Influence of the Stars
29. 70. Free-Will, 71. Visions, and Communication with Spirits, 72. Healing by Spiritual Means, 73. Healing by Material Means
30. [Part 5: Miscellaneous Subjects] 74. The Non-Existence of Evil, 75. There Are Two Kinds of Torment, 76. The Justice and Mercy of God
31. 77. The Right Method of Treating Criminals
32. 78. The Reality of the Exterior World, 79. Real Pre-Existence
33. 80. Reincarnation
34. 81. Pantheism
35. 82. The Four Methods of Acquiring Knowledge, 82. The Necessity of Following the Teachings of the Divine Manifestations

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Some Answered Questions was first published in 1908. It contains questions asked to `Abdu'l-Bahá by Laura Clifford Barney, during several of her visits to Haifa between 1904 and 1906, and `Abdu'l-Bahá's answers to these questions. Prominent among the topics are detailed explanations of Christian subjects, including interpretations of chapters 11 and 12 of the Book of Revelation, chapter 11 of the Book of Isaiah, the story of Genesis, and many other subjects. Topics covered include God, Prophets of God, Christian subjects, evolution, the soul, immortality, fate, free will, healing, the non-existence of evil, and reincarnation. (Introduction derived from Wikipedia)