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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

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Download Scene II: In the Forest audio
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Download Scene VI: A Glade in the Deep Wood audio
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The classic story of Snow White and the seven dwarfs, now in play form! The play was adapted by Jessie Braham White (the pen name of Winthrop Ames), from the Grimm tale. - Summary by Rachel

Cast List:
Narrator: Zach K.
Princess Snow White: Kristin Gjerløw
Queen Brangomar: Beth Thomas
Rosalys: Roohi Haq
Christabel: Kimberly Krause
Amelotte: Bria Snow
Ermengarde: Rapunzelina
Ursula: Vanessa Cooley
Guinivere: Lydia
Linette: Bethany Baldwin,
Astolaine: Rachel
Sir Dandiprat Bombas, The Court Chamberlain: Zames Curran
Berthold, The Chief Huntsman: Peter Yearsley
Prince Florimond of Calydon: Matt Butcher
Blick: April Walters
Flick: Bethany Baldwin
Glick: Zames Curran
Snick: michaelcjohnson
Plick: Rachel
Whick: Todd
Quee: Ted Delorme
Witch Hex: Shiloh Fuscello
The Pedlar-Woman: Vanessa Cooley
The Pieman: Rob Board
The Mirror: Jessie Yun

Audio edited by Rachel
Proof listened by Tawnya Roy, Roohi Haq, and Rapunzelina

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