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Sky Island

L. Frank Baum (1856-1919)

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Published in 1912, the fantasy novel focuses on the exciting adventures of Trot, Cap’n Bill and Button Bright, as they are accidentally transported to a mysterious island in the sky, where they encounter its eccentric residents, an unscrupulous ruler, and a strange set of laws. The story sets into motion when Trot, a little girl from the southern coast of California, and Cap’n Bill meet a peculiar young boy carrying a large umbrella. Introduced as Button Bright, the young boy reveals that the umbrella is in fact magical and has the power to transport anyone from one place to another, claiming to have used it to journey across various long-distance destinations until finally reaching California. Furthermore, the young boy provides details on how the magical item works, explaining that the umbrella takes him to any destination that he voices. Consequently, the trio is inspired to take a journey to a nearby island, but instead they are transported to an entirely different and quite literal take on the referred destination. Subsequently, the group find themselves on the magical Sky Island, which they later discover is divided into two distinctive regions inhabited by the Blues and Pinkies. Though the regions are separated only by the Great Fog Bank, both races are disinclined to cross the area, which is sufficient in keeping the two races apart. Incidentally, the three travelers land on the blue side of the island and acquaint themselves with its population, a blue race known as the Blueskins, whose color successfully convey the prevailing grim atmosphere across the region. Later, they deduce the reason behind the Blueskin’s widespread misery, as they meet Boolooroo of the Blues, a ruthless tyrant who employs a creative method of punishment for any sort of disobedience. In an attempt to escape the tyrant’s threats, the unlucky travelers must make their way through multiple obstacles in order to reach the other side of the island, while also figure out a way back home. Nevertheless, the piece offers a vast array of delightful characters, intense magical moments, and unforeseen predicaments, which only further strengthen Baum’s magical appeal. Certain to mesmerize with its effective incorporation of various elements, Sky Island successfully engages audiences of all ages, as it encourages them to embark on a magical experience of their very own.



- Review Sky Island

I love this author and all of his books. He makes me feel like a kid again. Judy does a very good job narrating.


- Review Sky Island

I love all of Frank Baum’s books. This one is simply delightful and adventurous! The narrator did a wonderful job also. :0)


I'm sure it's a wonderful children's story, but I couldn't handle it as an adult.


I love this book. it is my favorite l. frank Baum book!


- Review

I think it is a dull reader and that maybe phil shinivear (dont know if thats how you spell) is a more enthusiastic reader and should read this


- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I love this book!


- Review

I really enjoyed this story. Good clean fun. Narrator is a bit dry but she is consistent.


- good story

It is a very good story, and though I'm a fan of all he L. frank Baum books, this ones one of my favorites.

Sheri Chee

- Monotonous Reader

What a shame that such a good story is being read by a boring & depressing reader. No emotion at all.