Sister Carrie cover

Sister Carrie

Theodore Dreiser (1871-1945)

1. 01 – The Magnet Attracting: A Waif Amid Forces
2. 02 – What Poverty Threatened: Of Granite and Brass
3. 03 – We Question of Fortune: Four-Fifty a Week
4. 04 – The Spendings of Fancy: Facts Answer with Sneers
5. 05 – A Glittering Night Flower: The Use of a Name
6. 06 – The Machine and the Maiden: A Knight of Today
7. 07 – The Lure of the Material: Beauty Speeks for Itself
8. 08 – Intimations By Winter: An Ambassador Summoned
9. 09 – Convention’s Own Tinder-Box: The Eye That Is Green
10. 10 – The Counsel of Winter: Fortune’s Ambassador Calls
11. 11 – The Persuasion of Fashion: Feeling Guards o’er its Own
12. 12 – Of The Lamps Of The Mansions: The Ambassador’s Plea
13. 13 – His Credential Accepted: A Babel of Tongues
14. 14 – With Eyes And Not Seeing: One Influence Wanes
15. 15 – The Irk Of The Old Ties: The Magic Of Youth
16. 16 – A Witless Alladin: The Gate To The World
17. 17 – A Glimpse Through The Gateway: Hope Lightens The Eye
18. 18 – Just Over The Border: A Hail And Farewell
19. 19 – An Hour in Elfland: A Clamour Half Heard
20. 20 – The Lure of The Spirit: The Flesh In Pursuit
21. 21 – The Lure of the Spirit: The Flesh In Pursuit
22. 22 – The Blaze Of The Tinder: Flesh Wars With The Flesh
23. 23 – A Spirit In Travail: One Rung Put Behind
24. 24 – Ashes of Tinder: A Face at the Window
25. 25 – Ashes Of Tinder: The Loosing Of Stays
26. 26 – The Ambassador Fallen: A Search for the Gate
27. 27 – When Waters Engulf us we Reach for a Star
28. 28 – A Pilgram, an Outlaw: The Spirit Detained
29. 29 – The Solace Of Travel: The Boats Of The Sea
30. 30 – The Kingdom Of Greatness: The Pilgrim Adream
31. 31 – A Pet of Good Fortune: Broadway Flaunts Its Joys
32. 32 – The Feast of Belshazzar: A Seer To Translate
33. 33 – Without the Walled City: The Slope of the Years
34. 34 – The Grind of the Millstones: A Sample of Chaff
35. 35 – The Passing of Effort: The Visage of Care
36. 36 – A Grim Retrogression: The Phantom of Chance
37. 37 – The Spirit Awakens: New Search For The Gate
38. 38 – In Elf Land Disporting: The Grim World Without
39. 39 – Of Lights And Of Shadows: The Parting Of Worlds
40. 40 – A Public Dissension: A Final Appeal
41. 41 – The Strike
42. 42 – A Touch Of Spring: The Empty Shell
43. 43 – The World Turns Flatterer: An Eye In The Dark
44. 44 – And This Is Not Elf Land: What Gold Will Not Buy
45. 45 – Curious Shifts Of The Poor
46. 46 – Stirring Troubled Waters
47. 47 – The Way Of The Beaten: A Harp In The Wind

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Published in 1900, Sister Carrie follows its protagonist, Carrie, as she resolutely makes her way through the bustling city of Chicago in the hope of achieving her ultimate goal of a securing a better and more glamorous life for herself. Effectively illustrating his reputation as one of America’s greatest naturalists, Dreiser deviates from the established norms and moral values present in the Victorian era, and instead focuses his attention on accurately portraying the basic instincts that influence human behavior. The novel begins with the introduction of Caroline Meeber, an eighteen-year-old girl who leaves her rural hometown and travels to the bustling city of Chicago, where she is to live with her stern sister and brother-in-law, in the hopes of fulfilling her ambitions. During her travel, she meets Charles Drouet, a warm-hearted salesman, and is instantly allured to his charm and expensive clothing. After sharing contact details, the pair makes arrangements to meet later in the week. Subsequently, Carrie settles in to her sister’s modest apartment and is excited at the thought of working in the city. Realizing that life in the big city is not as easy and enjoyable as she had initially believed, Carrie instead finds herself coming to terms with the squalid conditions at her factory workplace, the dullness of her accommodation, and the inability to treat herself to some decent clothing. Her prayers seem to be finally heard when an accidental encounter with Drouet marks her change in fortune, as he introduces her to the lifestyle she had always wanted. However, Carrie’s pursuit of happiness is not what she had initially bargained for, as she is pushed to seize every opportunity thrown her way, regardless of the cost. Interestingly, the revolutionary novel received mixed reactions at the time of its release due to its depiction of the harsh and somber reality of human condition, which spurred outrage from some critics, while triggering fascination in others. Furthermore, Dreiser offers an accurate observation of the ambitions prevailing in urban areas at the time, which he successfully demonstrates with his lively characters and their uncensored radical actions. Nevertheless, Sister Carrie continues to captivate modern readers with its evocative detail of tenacious human nature, and remains a classic highly recognized and appraised for its influential portrayal of naturalism and realism.



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- sister carrie by Theodore Dreiserr

Good story but unhappy ending and not very clear , a good lesson for married men, recommended this book for married men to read.


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