Short Works on Sports Collection 01 cover

Short Works on Sports Collection 01


1. Casey at the Bat
2. How I keep Fit, by the Champions of Leading Sports from the Strand Magazine 1891
3. A Friendly Game of Football
4. A Modern Game of Rugby Football
5. Far Inland Football
6. Sailfish - The Atlantic Brother to the Pacific Swordfish
7. 'Disarming' from The Art of Defence on Foot, with the Broad Sword and Sabre
8. Teams That Have Won the Association Cup
9. How M'Dougal Topped the Score
10. "Marbles" from Healthful Sports for Boys
11. At the Nets, from Mike
12. The Matador of the Five Towns, Chapter 3
13. About Cricket, from Danger! And Other Stories
14. Nudity of Victor Statues, from Olympic Victor Monuments and Greek Athletic Art
15. The Marathon from The Olympic Games at Athens, 1906
16. The Geebung Polo Club
17. Cycling, from the Sportswoman's Library Vol 2
18. Cricket on the Hearth
19. The Original Game, from Lacrosse, the National Game of Canada
20. Casey's Revenge

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A miscellany of poetry and short works of fact and fiction on the topic of sports from North America, Great Britain and Australasia. The collection includes pieces on baseball, cricket, lacrosse, cycling, athletics, fishing, polo, fencing, marbles and three kinds of football, by authors including Arnold Bennett, Zane Grey, Banjo Paterson, and P. G. Wodehouse.