Short Story Collection Vol. 057 cover

Short Story Collection Vol. 057


1. Gooseberries
2. My Kinsman, Major Molineux
3. A Hunger Artist
4. Hop Frog
5. Laughing Bill Hyde, Part 1
6. Laughing Bill Hyde, Part 2
7. A Ramble in Aphasia
8. Krambambuli
9. Our Lady's Child
10. The Golden Poppy
11. Circumvented
12. The Cossack
13. The Trial For Murder
14. The Oval Portrait
15. Leave it to Jeeves
16. A Horseman in the Sky
17. Michael, A Pastoral Poem
18. Memoirs of a Madman
19. The Ambitious Guest
20. A Carnival Jangle

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LibriVox’s Short Story Collection 057: a collection of 20 short works of fiction in the public domain read by a group of LibriVox members. A few notes: Section 12 The Cossack was translated by Constance Garnett (1861 - 1946). Section 17 Michael, a Pastoral Poem is narrative verse. Section 18 Memoirs of a Madman, translated by Claud Field (1863-1941), is better known by the title of a later translation, Diary of a Madman. Section 20 A Carnival Jangle was written under the author's maiden name, Alice Nelson.