Short Stories for Short People cover

Short Stories for Short People

Alicia Stuart Aspinwall (1887-?)

1. Prefatory Note
2. A Quick-Running Squash
3. Bosh-Bosh Oil - A Fairy Story
4. The Toad
5. Tula Oolah
6. The N. S. Bicycle
7. The Tiger on the Hudson
8. Lucia, the Organ-Maiden
9. The Shadow
10. What the Squirrel did for Richard
11. The Runaway Watch
12. A Grasshopper's Trip to the City
13. The Light-House Lamp
14. Monkey Tricks in the Jungle
15. The Upsidedownians
16. The Iron Dog
17. My Flannel Rooster
18. The Statue and the Birds
19. The Toad-Boy
20. The Sad Experience of Poor Pomposity
21. Red-Boots
22. Saved
23. The Disobedient Island
24. The Bold Bad Bicycle
25. The Lady of Snow
26. How the Andirons Took a Walk
27. Achusetts's Ride to Philadelphia
28. The Mouse's Revenge - A Tragedy
29. The Tail of a Mouse

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This is a collection of short stories by Alicia Aspinwall.