Short Science Fiction Collection 050 cover

Short Science Fiction Collection 050


1. The Clock that Went Backward
2. The Crystal Man
3. The Eyes Have It
4. The Gallery
5. The Glory of Ippling
6. The Graveyard of Space
7. G-r-r-r...!
8. A Moonlight Fable
9. Mr. Spaceship
10. The Next Logical Step
11. Old Friends are the Best
12. The Other Likeness
13. The Piebald Hippogriff
14. Priestess of the Flame
15. The Sky Trap
16. Special Delivery
17. The Stutterer
18. The Slizzers
19. This World Must Die
20. The Worshippers

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Science fiction is a genre encompassing imaginative works that take place in this world or that of the author’s creation where anything is possible. The only rules are those set forth by the author. The speculative nature of the genre inspires thought, and plants seeds that have led to advances in science. The genre can spark an interest in the science and is cited as the impetus for the career choice of many scientists. It is a playing field to explore social perspectives, predictions of the future, and engage in adventures unbound into the richness of the human mind.