Short Poetry Collection 147 cover

Short Poetry Collection 147


1. After the Last Breath
2. The Armada
3. Ashes of Life
4. Beauty
5. Book Lover
6. A Career
7. A Child’s Laughter
8. The Dancers
9. Down by the Salley Gardens
10. Sonnet XXXVII (Fair is my love that feeds among the lilies)
11. A Farewell to Arms
12. First Love
13. Forgiveness
14. A Lazy Day
15. Life Is Struggle
16. Morning
17. Oak and Olive
18. On the Death of Sir Philip Sidney
19. She Walks in Beauty
20. Song of Khan Zada
21. A Song of Republics
22. Sorrow
23. Stanzas for Music
24. The True Knight
25. Wail of an Old-timer
26. Sonnet VII (When I too long have looked upon your face)
27. When Mother Reads Aloud

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This is a collection of 27 poems read by LibriVox volunteers for August 2015.