Short Poetry Collection 122 cover

Short Poetry Collection 122


1. But If Our Love Be Dying
2. The City in the Sea
3. The Golden Verses
4. High Flight
5. If
6. Looking at a Portrait
7. May Morning
8. Mementos
9. My November Guest
10. My Old Palette
11. Nature
12. No Platonic Love
13. Not They Who Soar
14. An Old Man's Winter Night
15. Rains
16. The Rubaiyat of Hafiz
17. Sonnet XLIII
18. Stanzas
19. Stanzas on the Death of His Father
20. Tamerlane
21. To a Child Dancing in the Wind
22. To a Door
23. The Wind on the Hills

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    This is a collection of poems read by LibriVox volunteers for July 2013.