Short Poetry Collection 114 cover

Short Poetry Collection 114


1. Ah Sunflower
2. The Auld Wife
3. An Autumn Rain-Scene
4. La Belle Dame Sans Merci
5. Betty
6. Companions - A Tale of a Grandfather
7. A Coronet for his Mistress Philosophy
8. The Death of the Hired Man
9. Drinking Song
10. Fairies
11. A Farewell to Arms (to Queen Elizabeth)
12. L'Homme de l'Ennui
13. A Hungry Day
14. In School Days
15. The Life Beyond
16. Lines Written in Early Spring
17. The Long Small Room
18. Longing
19. Love not me for comely grace
20. The Negro Speaks of Rivers
21. The Night
22. Not to Keep
23. An Old Memory
24. The Poet
25. Rain
26. The Sirens' Song
27. Song of Myself
28. Terminus
29. Transience
30. Were I A King I Could Command Content
31. Work Gangs

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This is a collection of poems read by LibriVox volunteers for November 2012.