Sermons on Several Occasions, Third-Fifth Series cover

Sermons on Several Occasions, Third-Fifth Series

John Wesley (1703-1791)

1. What is Man?
2. On the Discoveries of Faith
3. On the Omnipresence of God
4. The Rich Man and Lazarus
5. The Difference Between Walking by Sight, and Walking by Faith
6. The Unity of the Divine Being
7. The Ministerial Office
8. Causes of the Inefficacy of Christianity
9. On Knowing Christ after the Flesh
10. On a Single Eye
11. On Worldly Folly
12. On the Wedding Garment
13. Human Life a Dream
14. On Faith
15. The Deceitfulness of the Human Heart
16. The Heavenly Treasure in Earthen Vessels
17. On Living Without God
18. On the Danger of Increasing Riches
19. The Trouble and Rest of Good Men
20. Free Grace
21. The Cause and Cure of Earthquakes
22. National Sins and Miseries
23. The Late Work of God in North America
24. On Laying the Foundation of the New Chapel, Near the City-Road, London
25. Preached on Occasion of the Death of the Rev. Mr. John Fletcher
26. True Christianity Defended
27. On Mourning for the Dead
28. On Corrupting the Word Of God
29. On the Resurrection of the Dead
30. On Grieving the Holy Spirit
31. On Love
32. On Public Diversions
33. On the Holy Spirit

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John Wesley, along with his brother Charles, are credited with founding the Methodist denomination. "The following Sermons contain the substance of what I have been preaching for between eight and nine years last past. Every serious man who peruses these, will therefore see, in the clearest manner, what these doctrines are which I embrace and teach as the essentials of true religion." The third through fifth series contain sermons on a wide variety of topics, from sermons preached at funerals, to natural disasters, to the roles of elders and deacons.