Selected Riley Child-Rhymes cover

Selected Riley Child-Rhymes

James Whitcomb Riley (1849-1916)

1. 01 – Little Orphant Annie
2. 02 -The Raggedy Man
3. 03 – Curly Locks
4. 04 – The Bumblebee
5. 05 – The Squirtgun Uncle Maked Me
6. 06 – The Runaway Boy
7. 07 – The Little Coat
8. 08 – The Nine Little Goblins
9. 09 – Grandfather Squeers
10. 10 – A Life Lesson

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Riley was an American writer known as the “Hoosier poet”, and made a start writing newspaper verse in Hoosier dialect for the Indianapolis Journal in 1875. His favorite authors were Burns and Dickens. This collection of poems is a romanticized and mostly boy-centered paean to a 19th century rural American owning-class childhood. I’ve included the pieces I did because they’re the ones I most enjoyed when I read a copy of the collection handed down from my great-grandfather.