Selected Poems of Emily Dickinson cover

Selected Poems of Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)

1. 01 The Soul Selects Her Own Society
2. 02 After Great Pain
3. 03 Hope is the Thing with Feathers
4. 04 I Never Hear the Word Escape
5. 05 There is No Frigate Like a Book
6. 06 Because I Could Not Stop for Death
7. 07 Of All The Sounds Dispatched Abroad
8. 08 Success is Counted Sweetest
9. 09 If I Can Stop One Heart From Breaking
10. 10 To Fight Aloud
11. 11 Pain Has an Element of Blank
12. 12 I Can Wade Grief
13. 13 For Each Ecstatic Instant
14. 14 I Meant To Have But Modest Needs
15. 15 A Thought Went Up My Mind
16. 16 Is Heaven a Physician
17. 17 A Poor Torn Heart
18. 18 I Should Have Been Too Glad
19. 19 Each Life Converges
20. 20 My Life Closed Twice
21. 21 I Felt a Cleavage in my Mind
22. 22 If Recollecting Were Forgetting
23. 23 The Brain is Wider Than the Sky
24. 24 Softened by Time’s Consummate Plush
25. 25 I Had No Time to Hate

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Emily Dickinson has come to be regarded as one of the quintessential poets of 19th century America. A very private poet with a very quiet and reclusive life, her poetry was published posthumously and immediately found a wide audience.While she echoed the romantic natural themes of her times, her style was much more free and irregular, causing many to criticize her and editors to “correct” her. In the early 20th century, when poetic style had become much looser, new audiences learned to appreciate her work. Here collected are many of her most contemplative, most rebellious, and “dark” works, expressing her frustrations with the behavioral confines of her times, and the confines of being human and unknowing of eternity.



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