Selected Lullabies cover

Selected Lullabies

Eugene Field (1850-1895)

1. Dutch Lullaby
2. Cornish Lullaby
3. Japanese Lullaby
4. Lullaby by the Sea
5. Norse Lullaby
6. Orkney Lullaby
7. Sicilian Lullaby
8. The Divine Lullaby
9. The Twenty-third Psalm
10. Long Ago
11. Child and Mother
12. Some Time

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The sweetest songs the world has ever heard are the lullabies that have been crooned above its cradles. The music of Beethoven and Mozart, of Mendelssohn and Schumann may perish, but so long as mothers sing their babies to sleep the melody of cradle lullabies will remain. Of all English and American writers the one who sang most often and most exquisitely these cradle songs was Eugene Field, the children’s poet. His verses not only have charm as poetry, but a distinct song quality and a naive fancy that is both childlike and appealing. That they were written out of Eugene Field’s deep and genuine love of children and out of his sympathetic understanding of their wondering minds is evident from the fact that his lullabies have taken a high and what seems to be a permanent place in the world’s classic literature of childhood. (Excerpted by Becky Miller from the Introduction by Edwin Osgood Grover to “Cradle Lullabies” by Eugene Field, published in 1909)