Sea Stories cover

Sea Stories


1. Yarns Of The Forecastle - Cyrus Townsend Brady
2. Narrative Of The Mutiny On The Bounty Part 1 from Chambers' Miscellany
3. Narrative Of The Mutiny On The Bounty Part 2 from Chambers' Miscellany
4. Our First Whale by Frank T. Bullen
5. Going To Sea A Hundred Years Ago by R.J. Cleveland
6. The Escape Of The American Frigate Part 1 by J.F. Cooper
7. The Escape Of The American Frigate Part 2 by J.F. Cooper
8. Among The Ice Floes by J.F. Cooper
9. A Tornado At Sea by George Cupples
10. My First Voyage Part 1 by R.H. Dana, Jnr.
11. My First Voyage Part 2 by R.H. Dana, Jnr.
12. Running Away To Sea by Daniel Defoe
13. The Tempest by Charles Dickens
14. A Struggle With A Devil-Fish by Victor Hugo
15. The Man And The Cannon by Victor Hugo
16. A Ship On Fire At Sea by Jean Ingelow
17. In The Gulf Stream by Charles Kingsley
18. The Loss Of The Royal George by W.H.G. Kingston
19. Sailors' Yarns by Pierre Loti
20. Equality At Sea by Captain Frederick Marryat
21. The Club Hauling Of The Diomede by Captain Frederick Marryat
22. The Chase by Herman Melville
23. Rounding Cape Horn by Herman Melville
24. The Merchantman And The Pirate Part 1 by Charles Reade
25. The Merchantman And The Pirate Part 2 by Charles Reade
26. A Gale Of Wind by W. Clark Russell
27. Saved by W. Clark Russell
28. The Capture Of The Cotton Ship by Michael Scott
29. The Cruise Of The Coracle by Robert Louis Stevenson
30. Landing On The Island by Jean Rudolf Wyss

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Most of us have passed through a period of life during which we have ardently longed to be, if not actually a rover, a buccaneer, or a pirate, at least and really a sailor! To run away to sea has been the misdirected ambition of many a youngster, and some lads there are who have realized their desire to their sorrow. The boy who has not cherished in his heart and exhibited in his actions at sometime or other during his youthful days, a love of ships and salt water, is fit for—well, he is fit for the shore, and that is the worst thing a sailor could say about him! (From the introduction, by Cyrus Townsend Brady)