Schubert And His Works cover

Schubert And His Works

Herbert Francis Peyser (1886-1953)

1. Part 1: Foreword and Beginning and He Joins The Sangerknaben
2. Part 2: The Earliest Compositions and The Early Symphonies
3. Part 3: Der Erlkonig
4. Part 4: The Sketch Symphony and The Unfinished
5. Part 5: The Rosamunde Overture to His Death

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This is a short introduction to Franz Schubert’s life and works. “…to give the casual radio listener a slight idea of Schubert’s inundating fecundity and inspiration. Like Bach, like Haydn, like Mozart, Schubert’s capacity for creative labor staggers the imagination… Volumes would not exhaust the wonder of his myriad creations. If this tiny book serves to heighten even a little the reader’s interest in such songs, symphonies, piano or chamber works of Schubert as come to his attention over the air it will have achieved the most that can be asked of it.” This book was published by The Philharmonic Symphony Society of New York.