Scaramouche cover


Rafael Sabatini (1875-1950)

1. 01-01 The Republican
2. 01-02 The Aristocrat
3. 01-03 The Eloquence of M. de Vilmorin
4. 01-04 The Heritage
5. 01-05 The Lord of Gavrillac
6. 01-06 The Windmill
7. 01-07 The Wind
8. 01-08 Omnes Omnibus
9. 01-09 The Aftermath
10. 02-01 The Trespassers
11. 02-02 The Service of Thespis
12. 02-03 The Comic Muse
13. 02-04 Exit Monsieur Parvissimus
14. 02-05 Enter Scaramouche
15. 02-06 Climene
16. 02-07 The Conquest of Nantes
17. 02-08 The Dream
18. 02-09 The Awakening
19. 02-10 Contrition
20. 02-11 The Fracas at the Theatre Feydau
21. 03-01 Transition
22. 03-02 Quos Deus Vult Perdere
23. 03-03 President le Chapelier
24. 03-04 At Meudon
25. 03-05 Madame de Plougastel
26. 03-06 Politicians
27. 03-07 The Spadassinicides
28. 03-08 The Paladin of the Third
29. 03-09 Torn Pride
30. 03-10 The Returning Carriage
31. 03-11 Inferences
32. 03-12 The Overwhelming Reason
33. 03-13 Sanctuary
34. 03-14 The Barrier
35. 03-15 Safe Conduct
36. 03-16 Sunrise

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“He was born with a gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad!” The wonderful opening lines of this 1921 novel set the tone for the rest of this delightful story of an adventurer and romantic who dons several roles in his colorful life. Scaramouche by Rafael Sabatini is an historical novel set in the turbulent times of the French Revolution. The plot describes Andre-Louis Moreau, a young lawyer adopted by his godfather who cannot reveal his parentage. Moreau inadvertently stumbles into political events and becomes a wanted man based on the evil machinations of a sinister Marquis. He is forced to go underground and joins a group of Commedia dell' Arte traveling players, where he takes on the role of a scheming blackguard, Scaramouche. Here again, he falls foul of powerful aristocrats and escapes being kidnapped and murdered. His next adventures take place in a fencing academy where he develops his own brilliant techniques. He inherits the school on the death of the owner and comes face to face with his nemesis again. The plot takes several more interesting twists and turns before racing to its exciting conclusion. Rafael Sabatini's Italian father and an English mother were both opera singers and gifted music teachers. He was a linguistic genius, proficient in many European languages and deliberately chose to write in English because he felt that the best stories are written in that language. He began writing short stories in the 1890s and quickly graduated to novels. He produced more than 40 full length novels, several short stories, many collections of verse and also several historical novels in his long and successful career. However, Scaramouche remains one of his most well known works and though he attempted a sequel ten years later, it couldn't match the success of the first book. The novel's immortal lines were Other best-sellers include Captain Blood and The Sea-Hawk. Many of his books were adapted to film in the silent film era and though they're lost to viewers today, Sabatini's fame as a writer of racy adventure thrillers remains intact more than half a century after his death. The 1952 film version of Scaramouche remains the most famous one, with Stewart Granger playing the swashbuckling hero. It also holds the record for one of the longest sword fighting scenes ever filmed. Scaramouche is a delightful, exciting read for all ages and is certainly a great addition to your bookshelf!



Extremely fascinating book and excellent reader! Mr. McKenzie puts just the right amount of "accent" in the characters' voices to make them different and not annoying like some readers.

I love this wonderful reading. this is one of my favorite audio books. Gorden McKenzie is the best reader. Please make more audio books.


- Scaramouche

There is little that I can add to all the comments below. Simply "ditto" to all of them


- Scaramouche

Wonderful Book! Wonderful Reader!!!! Reader did justice to such a great book.

Gordan Mckenzie is the best reader. i wish he could produce more audiobooks.

Rick Boyd

- Scaramouche

I found myself driving slower so I could hear more of the book.The reader was Great he is becoming one of my favorite readers.


- Scaramouche

Great book, great reader!!! I highly recommend!


- Fantastic Scaramouche

You will not be disappointed with this audio book rendition of this classic book. Tremendous story, creatively read, and beautifully produced. Enjoy!


- Scaramouche

Great narration by Gordon McKenzie of a classic novel.Two weeks of driving to work made totally enjoyable.


- Scaramouche

Super reader, most enjoyable.