Saint Benedict cover

Saint Benedict

Frances Alice Forbes (1869-1936)

1. Of Rome in the Fifth Century, and How the Barbarians Came to Italy
2. Of Benedict the Youth, and How He Went Forth From His Father's House
3. Of the Sojourn of St. Benedict in the Desert, and How Certain Monks Begged Him to be Their Abbot
4. Of Maurus and Placid, and How Benedict Founded Twelve Monasteries at Subiaco
5. Of Monte Cassino, and How St. Benedict Cleansed it of Idolatry
6. Of the Building of the Abbey, and of the Disciples of St. Benedict
7. Of the Rule of St. Benedict, and How the Man of God Set All in Order
8. Of the Gift of Vision, and How the Saint Read the Hearts of Men
9. Of the Going Forth of the Sons of St. Benedict, and of the Spreading of the Order
10. Of the Prayer of St. Benedict, and of the Holy Virgin Scholastica
11. Of the Death of St. Benedict, and What His Order Did for the World

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Saint Benedict of Nursia (c. 480 – 543 or 547) is honoured by the Catholic Church as the patron saint of Europe and students. Benedict founded twelve communities for monks at Subiaco, Italy (about 40 miles (64 km) to the east of Rome), before moving to Monte Cassino in the mountains of southern Italy. One of his most well known achievement is his "Rule of Saint Benedict", containing precepts for his monks. He is often called the founder of western monasticism.