Rupert of Hentzau cover

Rupert of Hentzau

Anthony Hope (1863-1933)

1. 01 – The Queen’s Good-bye
2. 02 – A Station Without a Cab
3. 03 – Again To Zenda
4. 04 – An Eddy on the Moat
5. 05 – An Audience of the King
6. 06 – The Task of the Queen’s Servants
7. 07 – The Message of Simon the Huntsman
8. 08 – The Temper of Boris the Hound
9. 09 – The King in the Hunting Lodge
10. 10 – The King in Strelsau
11. 11 – What the Chancellor’s Wife Saw
12. 12 – Before Them All!
13. 13 – A King up his Sleeve
14. 14 – The News Comes to Strelsau
15. 15 – A Pastime for Colonel Sapt
16. 16 – A Crowd in the Konigstrasse
17. 17 – Young Rupert and the Play-Actor
18. 18 – The Triumph of the King
19. 19 – For Our Love and Her Honour
20. 20 – The Decision of Heaven
21. 21 – The Coming of the Dream

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This is the sequel to ‘The Prisoner of Zenda‘. Five years have passed. The King has become jealous of Rudolf Rassendyll and suspicious of the queen (Flavia)’s feelings towards him. Flavia decides that this must be the last year in which she sends to Rudolf the single red rose that betokens her love, and therefore she also sends via Fritz von Tarlenheim, her letter of good-bye.Count Rupert of Hentzau, banished from Ruritania after the incidents of the earlier book, is plotting his return. In furtherance of his scheme he obtains both letter and rose, and plots to place them before the King. Rudolf, Fritz and Sapt must prevent this at all costs…



- Rupert of Hentzau

Excellent narrator! Wonderful sequel to "The Prisoner of Zenda"


- Rupert of Hentzau

A good conclusion to a good story, well narrated by Andy Minter.