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Royal Romances of Today

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"In the year 1907, the Woman’s Home Companion commissioned me to go to Russia to write the story of the early days, courtship and marriage of her whom the world knows to-day as the 'Tsaritsa,' The following year, the same periodical sent me to Italy to write a similar account of the life of Queen Elena; and in 1910 I was once more sent abroad, this time to Spain, to learn all about Queen Victoria Eugenie....'Your task is difficult,'remarked a friend to whom I had just explained that I was writing the lives of the Empress of Russia, the Queen of Spain, and the Queen of Italy. 'Your task is difficult, because these are three good Queens, and good Queens, like all good women, have no history.' Now that I have told the stories of these three good Queens, I wonder if my friend will not grant that they have been worth the telling?" (from the Foreword)

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