Rinkitink in Oz (version 3) cover

Rinkitink in Oz (version 3)

L. Frank Baum (1856-1919)

1. The Prince of Pingaree
2. The Coming of King Rinkitink
3. The Warriors from the North
4. The Deserted Island
5. The Three Pearls
6. The Magic Boat
7. The Twin Islands
8. Rinkitink Makes a Great Mistake
9. A Present for Zella
10. The Cunning of Queen Cor
11. Zella Goes to Coregos
12. The Excitement of Bilbil the Goat
13. Zella Saves the Prince
14. The Escape
15. The Flight of the Rulers
16. Nikobob Refuses a Crown
17. The Nome King
18. Inga Parts With His Pink Pearl
19. Rinkitink Chuckles
20. Dorothy to the Rescue
21. The Wizard Finds an Enchantment
22. Ozma's Banquet
23. The Pearl Kingdom
24. The Captive King

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    Prince Inga of Pingaree and King Rinkitink and their companions have adventures that lead to the land of the Nomes and, eventually, Oz. In this story you meet the surly talking goat BilBil and some evil people who conquer the peaceful island of Pingaree. Since his parents, the king and queen of Pingaree are taken away as slaves along with every other citizen of the kingdom, Prince Inga must somehow find them, defeat the enemy and bring them home. King Rinkitink, a roly-poly and jolly monarch who hates ruling, has run away from his people along with his talking goat and goes along with Inga to have more adventures.



    - Ok

    Sorry! I ment to say best, but I was thinking of some OTHER book.


    - review

    What a great book! My child really likes and loves it. Please make more of the oz book.

    Thomason Cheng

    - reveiw

    It's interisting and good for children. What a fun book!


    - Ok

    Well read but it is the worst Oz book so far and I have listened to all of them so far.


    - Review

    Fun book! I love the oz books now and I'm going to find them all. Narration is a bit stale but she's consistent.