Religious Studies, Sketches and Poems cover

Religious Studies, Sketches and Poems

Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811-1896)

1. Introductory Note
2. Religious Studies: I. Christ in the Old Testament
3. Religious Studies: II. Christ In Prophecy
4. Religious Studies: III. The Cradle of Bethlehem
5. Religious Studies: IV. The Blessed Woman
6. Religious Studies: V. The Holy Childhood
7. Religious Studies: VI. Gentile Prophecies of Christ
8. Religious Studies: VII. The Hidden Years of Christ
9. Religious Studies: VIII. The Prayer-Life of Jesus
10. Religious Studies: IX. The Temptations of Jesus
11. Religious Studies: X. Our Lord's Bible
12. Religious Studies: XI. Christ's First Sermon
13. Religious Studies: XII. The Friendships of Jesus
14. Religious Studies: XIII. Christ's Unwordly Methods
15. Religious Studies: XIV. Christ and the Fallen Woman
16. Religious Studies: XV. The Revealer of God's Sympathy
17. Religious Studies: XVI. The Attractiveness of Jesus
18. Religious Studies: XVII. The Tolerance of Jesus
19. Religious Studies: XVIII. The Silence of Jesus
20. Religious Studies: XIX. The Secret of Peace
21. Religious Studies: XX. The Church of the Master
22. Religious Studies: XXI. Judas
23. Religious Studies: XXII. Going Up to Jerusalem
24. Religious Studies: XXIII. The Barren Fig-Tree
25. Religious Studies: XXIV. Caiaphas
26. Religious Studies: XXV. The Joy of Christ
27. Religious Studies: XXVI. Gethsemane
28. Religious Studies: XXVII. The Last Words of Jesus
29. Religious Studies: XXVIII. The Darkest Hour
30. Religious Studies: XXIX. The Resurrection of Jesus
31. Religious Studies: XXX. The Ascension of our Lord / XXXI. The Holy Spirit
32. Religious Studies: XXXII Christ's Second Life, In His Followers
33. Religious Studies: Earthly Care, A Heavenly Discipline
34. Religious Studies: The Ministration of Our Departed Friends
35. Religious Sketches: Children
36. Religious Sketches: The Old Oak of Andover
37. Religious Sketches: The Elder's Feast
38. Religious Sketches: A Scene in Jerusalem
39. Religious Sketches: The Old Meeting-House
40. Religious Sketches: Little Edward
41. Religious Sketches: Conversation on Conversation
42. Religious Sketches: How Do We Know
43. Religious Sketches: How To Make Friends With Mammon
44. Religious Sketches: The Sabbath, Part 1
45. Religious Sketches: The Sabbath, Part 2 - Another Scene
46. Religious Sketches: The Sabbath, Part 3 - Sketch Second
47. Religious Sketches: The Sabbath, Part 4 - Sketch Third
48. Religious Poems: St. Catherine Borne By Angels
49. Religious Poems: The Charmer
50. Religious Poems: Knocking
51. Religious Poems: The Old Psalm Tune
52. Religious Poems: The Other World
53. Religious Poems: Mary At The Cross
54. Religious Poems: The Inner Voice
55. Religious Poems: Abide In Me, And I In You
56. Religious Poems: The Secret
57. Religious Poems: Think Not All Is Over
58. Religious Poems: Lines
59. Religious Poems: The Crocus
60. Religious Poems: Consolation
61. Religious Poems: Only A Year
62. Religious Poems: Below
63. Religious Poems: Above
64. Religious Poems: Lines Suggested By The Death of the Wife of Moses Stuart of Andover, Mass
65. Religious Poems: Summer Studies
66. Religious Poems: The Shepherd's Carol
67. Religious Poems: Hours of Night or Watches of Sorrow
68. Religious Poems: Pressed Flowers From Italy
69. Religious Poems: The Gardens of the Vatican
70. Religious Poems: St. Peter's Chuch
71. Religious Poems: The Miserere

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Best known for having written "Uncle Tom's Cabin," Harriet Beecher Stowe also wrote several religious works, including the works in this book. The first section (Religious Studies) was originally published as "Footsteps of the Master," and was included in this compilation along with a selection of works from her book "The May Flower." The poetry included was published at irregular intervals and have been included in this compilation as well as others.