Reginald cover


Saki (1870-1916)

1. 01 – Reginald
2. 02 – Reginald on Christmas Presents
3. 03 – Reginald on the Academy
4. 04 – Reginald at the Theatre
5. 05 – Reginald’s Peace Poem
6. 06 – Reginald’s Choir Treat
7. 07 – Reginald on Worries
8. 08 – Reginald on House Parties
9. 09 – Reginald at the Carlton
10. 10 – Reginald on Besetting Sins
11. 11 – Reginald’s Drama
12. 12 – Reginald on Tariffs
13. 13 – Reginald’s Christmas Revel
14. 14 – Reginald’s Rubaiyat
15. 15 – The Innocence of Reginald

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Saki was the pen name of the British author Hector Hugh Munro (1870 – 1916). His witty, biting and occasionally odd short stories satirised Edwardian culture. Saki is considered a master of the short story and has been compared to O. Henry and Dorothy Parker as well as Noel Coward and Oscar Wilde (who clearly influenced Saki). His first collection of short stories, Reginald, was published by Methuen Press in 1904 though these stories first appeared in the ‘Westminster Gazette’. The stories in this collection are a foil for allowing the jaded and insider/outsider figure of Reginald to comment on some ridiculous or provincial attitudes prevalent in upper class Edwardian society, although one can easily recognize these same attitudes in our society today. Long popular and well known, Saki’s brilliant humour is as enjoyable now as it was almost a century ago.