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#1 - 01 - The Voyagers

Red Diamonds

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Download 10 - A Nine Days' Wonder audio
Download 11 - An Interview with Mr. Ratt Gundy audio
Download 12 - A Master of Fence audio
Download 13 - The Wrong Weapon audio
Download 14 - A Place by the River audio
Download 15 - Herb of Grace audio
Download 16 - New Mysteries audio
Download 17 - In Ranelagh Gardens audio
Download 18 - The Affair on the Embankment audio
Download 20 - 'I am Ratt Gundy' audio
Download 21 - The Man with the Red Beard audio
Download 22 - A Man from the Sea audio
Download 25 - Fencing Again audio
Download 28 - A Night Attack audio
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In the South African wilderness, six men got together to mine for diamonds and become very rich. They agree that the wealth is to be split equally between them or their heirs after a few years and that the share of any one who died without leaving an heir or whose heir died before the time would be split between the remaining partners. Soon, all heirs are notified and wait expectantly for the first of January, on which the diamonds are to be divided between the partners. However, the diamonds are becoming increasingly blood stained, and January the first is still some time off... (Summary by Carolin)

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