Rainbow Valley cover

Rainbow Valley

Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874-1942)

1. Chapter 01 – Home Again
2. Chapter 02 – Sheer Gossip
3. Chapter 03 – The Ingleside Children
4. Chapter 04 – The Manse Children
5. Chapter 05 – The Advent of Mary Vance
6. Chapter 06 – Mary Stays at the Manse
7. Chapter 07 – A Fishy Episode
8. Chapter 08 – Miss Cornelia Intervenes
9. Chapter 09 – Una Intervenes
10. Chapter 10 – The Manse Girls Clean House
11. Chapter 11 – A Dreadful Discovery
12. Chapter 12 – An Explanation and a Dare
13. Chapter 13 – The House on the Hill
14. Chapter 14 – Mrs. Alec Davis Makes a Call
15. Chapter 15 – More Gossip
16. Chapter 16 – Tit for Tat
17. Chapter 17 – A Double Victory
18. Chapter 18 – Mary Brings Evil Tidings
19. Chapter 19 – Poor Adam!
20. Chapter 20 – Faith Makes A Friend
21. Chapter 21 – The Impossible Word
22. Chapter 22 – St. George Knows All About It
23. Chapter 23 – The Good-Conduct Club
24. Chapter 24 – A Charitable Impulse
25. Chapter 25 – Another Scandal and Another Explanation
26. Chapter 26 – Miss Cornelia Gets A New Point Of View
27. Chapter 27 – A Sacred Concert
28. Chapter 28 – A Fast Day
29. Chapter 29 – A Weird Tale
30. Chapter 30 – The Ghost on the Dyke
31. Chapter 31 – Carl Does Penance
32. Chapter 32 – Two Stubborn People
33. Chapter 33 – Carl Is — Not — Whipped
34. Chapter 34 – Una Visits the Hill
35. Chapter 35 – “Let the Piper Come”

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If you've read and loved Anne of Green Gables, you'd definitely like to add Rainbow Valley by Lucy Maud Montgomery to your collection. Published in 1919, it is the seventh book in the series and follows the further life and adventures of Anne Shirley. At Ingleside, Anne is now happily married to her childhood friend the devoted Gilbert Blythe and have now been together blissfully for fifteen years. They have six children. The book opens with the return of Anne and Gilbert (who is now a brilliant doctor) from a sojourn in London, where they had gone to attend a big medical congress. They find a new minister ensconced in the old mansion. He is a widower with four wild, mischievous and unruly children who are always embroiled in one scrape or the other. However, they are at heart good and kind and they soon become friends with Anne's children. The entire group plays in a quiet maple grove which they have named Rainbow Valley because of its beauty and atmosphere. They form a Good Conduct Club headed by Jem Blythe, the eldest. A cheeky, runaway orphan girl called Mary Vance joins them in Rainbow Valley. However, the rules of the club prove too severe for some of the younger children. The Green Gables series consists of eight books published between 1908-21. They trace Anne Shirley/Blythe's life from the time we encounter Anne Shirley, a young 11 year old orphan who is sent to live with an elderly couple on a farm on Prince Edward Island. By the eighth book, Anne is a middle aged woman of fifty-two and the stories concern her children and their lives. The family is also mentioned in some other books written by Montgomery. Rainbow Valley is exciting, interesting and a fun read. It has some very engaging side plots about the minister, John Meredith and how he finds romance with the lovely Rosemary West. It also provides a dark foreshadowing of the terrible war years that were to dawn in the near future. The note on the dedication page of Rainbow Valley is a tribute to three of Montgomery's friends who died in WWI. The last book in the Anne series Rilla of Ingleside is set against the backdrop of the war. For enthusiasts of the series, Rainbow Valley is indeed a delightful glimpse into the continuing saga of this bestselling series of books that have provided so much entertainment to generations of children. All books in this series:1 Anne of Green Gables2 Anne of Avonlea3 Anne of the Island5 Anne’s House of Dreams7 Rainbow Valley8 Rilla of Ingleside



- Reading

The book is interesting, but I can always here it and it is a change after a listen to the louder voice in Anne's House of Dreams.


- In the beginning...

At first the reader made me feel sleepy; very lack of enthusiasm. You can hardly see the change from one character to another, a pity! The first book, Anne of Green Gables, for me, had the best narrative ever!

Petersilia Ping

- excellent reader

Consequent Concentrate, determined and excellent storyreader. Congratulation!!!


- very good

the beginning felt a bit dry, but the reader improved much towards the end.


Let me tell you, this reader is not horrible! You have not listened to many of these books to say that! She is not dramatic, but she is clear and doesn't have an abrasive voice. Good book, good reading.

Elsie Mae


this is one of my fav. books!!!


- very good

The beginning felt a bit dry, but the reader improved very much towards the end, good calm reading with enough emotion and an excellent book.



I hated that reading, I turned off the sound


- Rainbow Valley

Wonderful. I appreciate the slower reading...hearing the pace and timbre of Ms. Montgomery, allowing me to absorb her descriptions of this part of our country. The characters are gentle, but realistic. I grew up when many young people were much like this.

Fantastic effort :)