Raggedy Ann Stories cover

Raggedy Ann Stories

Johnny Gruelle (1880-1938)

1. Preface and Dedication
2. Introduction
3. Raggedy Ann Learns a Lesson
4. Raggedy Ann and the Washing
5. Raggedy Ann and the Kite
6. Raggedy Ann Rescues Fido
7. Raggedy Ann and the Painter
8. Raggedy Ann’s Trip On the River
9. Raggedy Ann and the Strange Dolls
10. Raggedy Ann and the Kittens
11. Raggedy Ann and the Fairies’ Gift
12. Raggedy Ann and the Chickens
13. Raggedy Ann and the Mouse
14. Raggedy Ann’s New Sisters

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To the millions of children and grown-ups who have loved a Rag Doll, the author dedicated these stories. Now listen as Shannon reads to you Raggedy Ann’s exciting adventures; as gentle and charming today, as they were when first published in 1918.Find out what is written on her candy heart, what was the gift the fairies brought, and all about Raggedy Ann’s new sisters.