Psmith in the City cover

Psmith in the City

P. G. Wodehouse (1881-1975)

1. Chapters 1-3
2. Chapters 4-6
3. Chapters 7-9
4. Chapters 10-12
5. Chapter 13
6. Chapter 14
7. Chapter 15
8. Chapters 16-18
9. Chapters 19-21
10. Chapters 22-24
11. Chapters 25-27
12. Chapter 28
13. Chapter 29
14. Chapter 30

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Mike’s dream of studying and playing cricket at Cambridge are thwarted as his father runs into financial difficulties. Instead, Mike takes on the job of clerk at the “New Asiatic Bank.” Luckily, school friend Psmith, with his boundless optimism and original views, soon joins his department, and together they endeavour to make the best of their new life in London.


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