Probable Sons cover

Probable Sons

Amy le Feuvre (d.1929)

1. 1 – An Unwelcome Legacy
2. 2 – David and Goliath
3. 3 – The First Punishment
4. 4 – Mrs. Maxwell’s Sorrow
5. 5 – A Prodigal
6. 6 – A Promise Kept
7. 7 – Cross-Examination
8. 8 – ‘He Arose and Came to His Father’
9. 9 – ‘A Little Child Shall Lead Them’

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Little Milly is left an orphan after the death of her mother and sent to live with her bachelor uncle, who has no use for children, especially of the female variety. As the days go by, his heart warms to his endearing niece who wants all probable sons to come home, including her very own probable uncle.



- Sweet

This story was sweet, although perhaps a little dull for adult readers. It's in the vein of Heidi- irascible older man who's heart is won over to both God and humanity through the love and faith of a little girl. However, it's a much simpler story than Heidi, with fewer, less memorable characters. Although it is somewhat sentimental and predictable, it is still worth a listen if you're looking for something light and innocent. This book is also appropriate for young readers. There is a single reader throughout who does a good job. She has nice pacing and is pleasant to listen to.