Private Sex Advice to Women cover

Private Sex Advice to Women

R. B. Armitage

1. Lesson I: Foreword
2. Lesson II: Anatomy of the Female Sex Organism
3. Lesson III: Physiology of the Female Sex Organism
4. Lesson IV: Gestation or Pregnancy
5. Lesson V: General Advice to Women on Sex Subjects
6. Lesson VI: The Science of Eugenics
7. Lesson VII: Prenatal Influences
8. Lesson VIII: Eugenics and Character
9. Lesson IX: The Determination of Sex
10. Lesson X: What Birth Control Is, and Is Not
11. Lesson XI: The Fetich of the Birth Rate
12. Lesson XII: The Argument For Birth Control
13. Lesson XIII: The Argument Against Birth Control
14. Lesson XIV: Race Suicide
15. Lesson XV: Birth Control Methods

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    In this book the writer thereof seeks to convey to women—particularly to young wives and women expecting to be married—certain important facts of knowledge, certain necessary information, which all such women should possess, but which few are given the opportunity to acquire. The writer of the present work is one of the rapidly growing number of thinking persons who believe that the time has come to educate the race concerning the importance of sane instruction concerning the functions of sex. He, and those who think as he does, believe that the time has come to "Turn on the Light!" They believe that the importance of the subject will be realized by all intelligent persons, once that their attention is directed to the subject, and once they have considered it apart from the old prejudices and distorted customs. When public opinion on this subject is reformed, then will the taboo fall away from the body of truth; then will the subject take its place among the "respectable" topics which may be considered, discussed, and taught, without loss of caste or prestige. (From the Preface by R. B. Armitage MD )