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#1 - Front Matter: Epigraph & Introduction

Private Pinkerton Millionaire

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Download Chpts 21&22&23: Death and Glory & The Home-Coming & 'Cupid, All Armed' audio
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The sketches and stories in this little volume must be read as fiction. But they are all, or nearly all, founded on fact, and built up from scenes and incidents I myself either witnessed or heard, first-hand, during my sojourn in France and Flanders as Special Correspondent for a London morning newspaper.
Private Pinkerton I met in the flesh several times—a gallant young English gentleman, if there ever was one, a cool and clever fighter, a dead shot, but shy as a schoolgirl when it came to the telling of his own adventures. I have rarely met a millionaire so engaging, so kindly, so well loved by 'the boys', but so courageous withal. (Extract from text Introduction)

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