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#1 - In Memoriam. Introduction

Private and Public Life of Abraham Lincoln

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Few men have lived in modern times whose life history is so suggestive as that of Abraham Lincoln. Not that he should have stepped from a log-cabin to the national capitol, though that fact, of itself, might challenge our liveliest interest; but that, out of the very discouraging circumstances which surrounded his years to manhood, he should have come forth with a well-stored mind, a large and humanitarian soul, and perceptions which led him unerringly forward to his high destiny β€” that is a result so remarkable as to render the story of his life one of the highest significance...
In the production of this work we have had before us the several biographies already well known to readers. But these were prepared for partisan purposes chiefly, they have been found lacking in the material which we most desired β€” the facts of his boyhood and student days, and the narrative of his first steps in public life. These we have had to gather more from men, from letters and from newspapers than from books; and if we have failed in producing such a work as we designed, it has been less from lack of data than from our neglect to properly use what was at our disposal. - Summary by Orville J. Victor from the original book

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