Prisoner for Blasphemy cover

Prisoner for Blasphemy

George William Foote (1850-1915)

1. Preface
2. I. The Storm Brewing
3. II. Our First Summons
4. III. Mr. Bradlaugh Included
5. IV. Our Indictment
6. V. Another Prosecution
7. VI. Preparing for Trial
8. VII. At the Old Bailey
9. VIII. Newgate
10. IX. The Second Trial
11. X. "Black Maria"
12. XI. Holloway Gaol
13. XII. Prison Life
14. XIII. Parson Plaford
15. XIV. The Third Trial
16. XV. Loss and Gain
17. XVI. A Long Night
18. XVII. Daylight

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George William Foote, a British secularist, was convicted and imprisoned on the charge of blasphemy after founding "The Freethinker", a magazine that, despite the best efforts of the 19th Century British judicial system, is still going strong. "Prisoner for Blasphemy" is a memoir of his several trials and final imprisonment in Holloway Gaol. Although Foote's was the last prominent blasphemy case in England, his hope that the blasphemy law would soon be abolished was not to be realised until almost a century after his death, in 2008.