Princess Mary's Gift Book cover

Princess Mary's Gift Book


1. A Holiday in Bed
2. The Spy
3. Charlie the Cox
4. Canada's Word
5. Bimbashi Joyce
6. The Ant-Lion
7. An Angel of God
8. A Model Soldier
9. The Land of Let's Pretend
10. Magepa the Buck
11. True Spartan Hearts
12. Big Steamers
13. A True Story From Camp
14. The Ebony Box
15. A Spell for a Fairy
16. Out of the Jaws of Death: A Scarlet Pimpernel Story
17. What Can A Little Chap Do?
18. Altogether Different
19. The Escape
20. Fleur-de-Lis

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    In 1917, Princess Mary, then 17 years of age, gave her name to this collection of short stories and essays from the most prominent authors of the time for the purpose of raising funds for the "Work For Women Fund". A few of the outstanding authors represented in this sparkling collection are J.M. Barrie with is essay on A Holiday in Bed; A. Conan Doyle; J.H. Fabre the naturalist with his well know description of The Ant-Lion; H. Ryder Haggard; Rudyard Kipling; Alfred Noyes ("A Spell for a Fairy"); Baroness Orczy (yes, that one); and Kate Douglas Wiggin .