The Princess and the Goblin cover

The Princess and the Goblin

George MacDonald

1. 01 – Why the Princess Has a Story About Her
2. 02 – The Princess Loses Herself
3. 03 – The princess and…(We shall see who)
4. 04 – What the Nurse Thought of it
5. 05 – The Princess Leaves Well Alone
6. 06 – The Little Miner
7. 07 – The Mines
8. 08 – The Goblins
9. 09 – The Hall of the Goblin Palace
10. 10 – The Princess’ King-Papa
11. 11 – The Old Lady’s Bedroom
12. 12 – A Short Chapter About Curdie
13. 13 – The Cob’s Creatures
14. 14 – That Night Week
15. 15 – Woven and then Spun
16. 16 – The Ring
17. 17 – Springtime
18. 18 – Curdie’s Clue
19. 19 – Goblin Counsels
20. 20 – Irene’s Clue
21. 21 – The Escape
22. 22 – The Old Lady and Curdie
23. 23 – Curdie and his Mother
24. 24 – Irene Behaves Like a Princess
25. 25 – Curdie Comes to Grief
26. 26 – The Goblin Miners
27. 27 – The Goblins in the King’s House
28. 28 – Curdie’s Guide
29. 29 – Mason Work
30. 30 – The King and the Kiss
31. 31 – The Subterranean Waters
32. 32 – The Last Chapter

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George MacDonald’s fairy stories and fantasy have inspired a number of writers including C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien and of this popular fairy story, which as you might suspect concerns a little princess plotted against by a race of goblins, G.K. Chesterton said that it “made a difference to my whole existence.”


C. Sawyer

- Great Story & Excellent Reader

We couldn't stop listening to this, what a joy!


- Amazing!

amazing! has a writing stile like CS Lewis, really good story line and love the Scottish accent of the reader. thanks so much to the readers for the time they take.

Nancy at 59

- Bravo, Bravo

This is a gem of a recording of the story I discovered as a 10 years old in CA. Now I live in Appalachia and the changing shadow,sunlight, mountains,and streams are just like that.


Like Andy's voice a lot- he must be an actor. Thank you Andy


- loved it!

This is the best reader! And the book is good to!


- Princess and the Goblin

I LOVE this book I would recommend to all my friends! The reader was AWESOME! I want Andy Minter to do The Princess and Curdie as well he is a LOT better than the other readers I have heard! Thanks!

Mila Kranz

- Princess and the Goblin

A real home theatre, pleasure to listen! Many thanks


- Princess and the Goblin

This story is rich in characters, settings, and story, with deep undertones of morals. Great for children and adults. The reader Andy Minter has a wonderful grandfatherly voice that goes perfectly with the mood of this story.


- Book/reader review

This was a very good story, and I recommend it for children and adults alike. The reader kept the story rhythm quite well and allowed you to get lost in the story itself.


- Review

Fantastic reading of a good story. 5 stars!