Pomander Walk cover

Pomander Walk

Louis Napoleon Parker (1852-1944)

1. Concerning the Walk in General
2. How Sir Peter Antrobus and Jerome Brooke-Hoskyn, Esquire, Smoked a Pipe Together
3. Concerning Number Four and Who Lived in It
4. Concerning a Mysterious Lady and an Elderly Beau
5. Concerning What You Have All Been Waiting For
6. In which Pomander Walk is not Quite Itself
7. Showing How History Repeats Itself
8. Concerning a Great Conspiracy
9. In which Old Lovers Meet, and the Conspiracy Comes to a Head
10. In Which the Mysterious Lady Reappears and Helps Jack to Vanish
11. Pomander Walk Takes a Dish of Tea
12. In which the Old Conspiracy is Triumphant and a New Conspiracy is Hatched
13. In which Admiral Sir Peter Antrobus is More Determined Than Ever to Fire the Little Brass Gun
14. In which Miss Barbara Pennymint Hears the Nightingale and the Lamps are Lighted
15. Showing How the Roundabout Road Leads Back to the Starting Point

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Pomander Walk is a unique street in London, and in this humorous novel we meet the unusual residents. It was originally produced as a stage play and includes lively dialog.