Poems: Series One cover

Poems: Series One

Emily Dickinson

1. 0 – Preface
2. 1 – Part 1 – Life
3. 2 – Part 2 – Love
4. 3 – Part 3 – Nature
5. 4 – Part 4 – Time and Eternity

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Renowned poet Emily Dickinson (1830 – 1886) wrote many many poems. This collection, “Poems: Series One”, presents the first installment of the complete poetic works of Miss Emily Dickinson. It is broken into four parts: Life, Love, Nature, and Time and Eternity.The verses of Emily Dickinson belong emphatically to what Emerson long since called “the Poetry of the Portfolio,”–something produced absolutely without the thought of publication, and solely by way of expression of the writer’s own mind. The poetry found here is then entirely honest, and indicative of the authors true feelings.