Pioneer Life Among The Loyalists In Upper Canada cover

Pioneer Life Among The Loyalists In Upper Canada

Walter Stevens Herrington (1860-1947)

1. Preface
2. The First Settlers Of Upper Canada
3. Building And Furnishing The Log Cabin
4. The Struggle With The Forest
5. Early Courts And Elections
6. School Teachers And Preachers
7. Provisions And Public Highways
8. Doctors, Domestic Remedies, And Funerals

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What became of the citizens who remained loyal to the Crown when the thirteen British colonies rebelled against England – and won! These Loyalists suffered discrimination and persecution in the nation aborning. Thousands of them left their homes for England; other thousands left for Canada and other British colonies. This book is about the Loyalists who settled in Upper Canada. “To present a picture of the early settlements of Ontario and enter into the daily life of the pioneers is a most fascinating task…. in our search for information concerning the evolution of the homestead, and the customs and peculiarities of the common folk of long ago.“