Peter Pan (version 3 Dramatic Reading) cover

Peter Pan (version 3 Dramatic Reading)

J. M. Barrie (1860-1937)

1. Peter Breaks Through
2. The Shadow
3. Come Away, Come Away!
4. The Flight
5. The Island Comes True
6. The Little House
7. The Home Under the Ground
8. The Mermaid's Lagoon
9. The Never Bird
10. The Happy Home
11. Wendy's Story
12. The Children Are Carried Off
13. Do You Believe in Fairies?
14. The Pirate Ship
15. 'Hook or Me this Time'
16. The Return Home
17. When Wendy Grew Up

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    "All children, except one, grow up,” begins J. M. Barrie's most famous novel. Barrie then proceeds to tell the story of that one extraordinary exception, Peter Pan, who lives in the Neverland with pirates and fairies and is always having adventures. One night he appears in the nursery of the Darling children and the most marvelous adventure of all begins. Light-hearted though it seems in premise, Peter Pan is a sweet but melancholy tribute to the fleeting innocence of childhood that has endured as a beloved favorite of children and adults alike ever since its first publication.



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